No, You Cannot Wear a Top Hat at Our Wedding

The fiancé’s last week off until our wedding was this past week. I made the mistake of scheduling every moment, to the point that he told me he wanted a vacation from his vacation. Oops.


Amongst our coming and goings we had two pre-marital counseling sessions, which scared the bee-jee-bies out of us. Is that what they’re supposed to do? The sessions were like a pharmaceutical commercial: “Marriage is great! You’ll find a joy in life you’ve never experienced! Side effects include discord, lack of fulfillment, financial issues, and possibly an affair or divorce. Consult God before taking this medication  getting married”.


After our latest counseling session, we drove across town to pick out tuxes and some wedding gifts for other couples. He complains relentlessly about going into BB & B, but his ADD nature takes over once he’s in there and he keeps himself pretty entertained. He spent a solid five minutes fiddling with a flower-shaped kitchen scrubber. I get occasional glimpses of what our children will be like, and the idea of elective medication (i.e. Benadryl) is really appealing.

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