Willis’ Letter to His Grandparents

Dear Mamee and Poobaw,
Thank you for letting me stay with you and Uncle Yogi while Mom and Dad are at the beach. Dad has been telling me everyday for the past two weeks that I am going to stay with y’all, and he always has the biggest smile on his face. He said he can’t wait for me to spend some time with y’all, and I agree!
Mom wanted me to send you a letter ahead of time, so you can get ready for when I come visit. I think it might take some adjustment time for me to get used to your house, but give me a few days, and I hope I can figure it out. Mom gives me Benadryl sometimes when I’m having “one of those days” so I’m packing some with me just in case that happens again.
I really like to get on the furniture, but Mom said that your furniture is much nicer than what we have at home so I can’t get on it. One of my favorite things to do is climb on your shoulders while you’re on the couch, so it would be great if you could sit on the floor sometimes and let me do that. Once I get on your shoulders, I like to stick my nose in your ear.
I have some rawhide in my backpack. That’s my favorite thing to chew, and when it’s really wet and gooey, I like to put it on your lap so you can see it. Mom says that the only thing I’m good for is shredding and chewing things, and I think she’s spot on. My favorite game is to steal really important things, like debit cards, cash, and shoes, and run away and hide them. So be sure to have some laying around when I come visit! Closets are my most favorite-est place in the world, because there’s lots of smelly shoes and I like to hide in the back and stare at you.
My other favorite places are bathtubs, and Mom says you have several! When I get bored, I jump in them, although I don’t really know how to get out. If Mom has her loofa hanging on the faucet, I usually pull it apart. It’s so much fun!
I can’t wait to play with Uncle Yogi when I come visit, too. I know he’s a little older than me, but I’m convinced that if I poke him enough, he’ll roll over or something. I hope you still have his favorite duck toy; last time I visited, I didn’t get to finish chewing its head off.
I hope we go on lots of walks when I visit. I don’t have to go out to the bathroom that much during the day. Mom says I have a “Bladder of Steel” and it’s my “one redeeming quality”, although I don’t know what that means.
Mom says that Poobaw likes to give Uncle Yogi crackers and other tasty treats for two legged people, but I have to say no when he offers me the ten or fifteen pieces he gives Uncle Yogi. She’s putting some celery sticks for Poobaw in my bag.
I can’t wait to see y’all! Dad said something about throwing me out the window as they drive through Birmingham, so maybe they’ll toss me in front yard in two weeks.
Willis Eugene Reynolds


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