Gracie’s Fashion Advice

Dear Bea,

As your big sister, there will be a lot of things in life that I’m going to teach you. Being a baby right now, life’s pretty simple; but once you hit the big “2”, life gets more complicated and confusing. Do I want a fruit snack? Will I watch Disney or PBS? Why won’t Mom give me a knife?

I’ve done a great deal of soul-searching during nap time and believe that it’s my duty to teach you some important lessons in life. The first realm I’m going to help you master is fashion.

While I may have trouble saying my R’s, P’s, and L’s, I can express myself perfectly through clothing. There is nothing that brings me more joy than showing up in the church nursery wearing the latest footwear or throwing a tantrum attired in my own special version of haute couture. Learning my shapes and numbers at school while mixing patterns in my outfit? Yes please.

One day, Bea, one glorious day, you will get to choose what you wear. You’ll be sitting on the changing table and Mom will present you with the first great dilemma of your young life, and I want you to be prepared. So, I’ve compiled a list of four fashion tips that, if you keep them in your arsenal, you’ll be fully prepared to pick the correct bishop dress when the time comes.

fullsizerender-8 1. Find tension in your fashion.

In this photo, I’m sporting a long salmon tunic emblazoned with our mom’s initials. Notice how it grazes the ground and has a loose, easy vibe. I’ve paired it with sturdy sparkle rain boots. The soft texture of the tunic next to the solid rubber shoes keep the outfit edgy, otherwise it’d appear too saccharine.

I’ve completed the ensemble with a pair of Minnie Mouse sunglasses, which should be a closet staple for any self-respecting female toddler. Minnie, Daisy, Doc McStuffins, and Sophia are the toddler’s versions of Mom’s Tory, Lilly, Kate, and Ray (ban).






Speaking of Minnie…

2. Minnie Mouse is always a neutral.

Just as leopard print goes with anything, a classic Minnie Mouse print can be worn with just about anything in your closet. Here I’m sporting Minnie on my leggings. Notice how I’ve added a pink and white striped top with a embroidered bird and decorative hem.fullsizerender-9

I’ve completed the look with fur boots, which gives a Russian-goes-t0-Orlando vibe.

It’s important note that when you mix your prints, keeping the scale different is key. Notice how the Minnie Mouse is larger, while the stripes are thinner? It gives the outfit a sense of purpose.

In this picture you’ll also see that I’m eating uncooked Great Value Medium Egg Noodles. I’ve found that they add a youthful glow to my skin and keep my energy up. A girl’s best accessory is good skin!







3. Accessories make the outfit.
fullsizerender-10First things first- notice my pose? That’s my signature “cheese” pose. Later on, I’ll teach you how to pose for photos- it’s important that you work your assets to their advantage on camera. Notice how my hand cradles my cheek, and draws attention upwards? It emphasizes my chin and and eyes- so much more flattering than the duck-face that’s all over instagram.

I digress.

My top and pants are classic closet staples that are pretty blasé. I mean, what female under the age of four doesn’t have a neon heart sweatshirt? The key is in the accessories. I’ve added some zazzle to a basic outfit by putting on a statement shoe- dinosaur feet slippers- and connecting the theme with my T-Rex. Eventually I’ll graduate to handbags like Mom, but for now, the toddler’s version is a stuffed animal. Your stuffed animal needs to be good quality since it’ll be the first thing people notice, and it’ll take a beating since you’ll tote it around everywhere. There’s several approaches to stuffed animals- some toddlers have one that they wear with everything; others, like myself, change depending on their mood. It’s important to keep them in your crib or bed when you’re not using them or they’ll lose shape.

4. Incompleteness adds intrigue.fullsizerender-11

Marilyn Monroe gave sage advice about getting prepped for a night out: put on all your jewelry- necklace, bracelets, earrings- and then remove one item. It gives a woman a sense of undone-ness and mystery. I’ve taken her advice and kicked it up a notch: I’ve removed my pants. Not only that, I’ve added a tutu as a necklace. The pink hat plays off the pink in Mom’s shoes and gives a sporty vibe to the look.

This look is still a work in progress, as Mom says that Reynolds women don’t leave the house without pants on (gosh if I had a dime for every time she told me that). Hopefully by the time you’re older, I’ll have shown her how old-fashioned she is.








So, Bea, here’s to a long life of hand-me-downs, raiding each other’s closets, and stealing mom’s shoes. I promise I’ll always be there for you to answer your questions about pattern, texture, color, and shine, and to discuss the new fall or spring line at Boden. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll share my uncooked egg noodles with you.




Author’s Note: This post is dedicated to the fashion blogs that keep me company during the late night feedings. If you’re looking for a good one, check out Sheaffer Told Me To . 



  1. This makes me happy. You go girl (Gracie). I look forward to your sage advice on fashion. Do you advise males on what to wear?

  2. Oh Sarah you are so talented! Larry and I read this and laughed so hard. The pictures are so funny and just adorable! We love you and your seeet family.

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