Am I Nothing But a Maid?

The Fiance has had a very odd thing happen to him- he has Memorial Day off. Hence, I’m in Memphis for the next two days. The only plans made so far is a Redbirds game involving Rendezvous and fireworks.

He’s on call at the Med tonight. On my way into Memphis I dropped off a Steak and Shake burger (“Honey, after two years of dating, have you not noticed that I am a PLAIN guy? This burger has all the nasty stuff on it” My response: “Say thank you, and take the darn stuff off”). He picked up his wedding band yesterday and was wearing it tonight… on his right hand. He says it’s not fair that when I get engaged that I get to wear a ring, so he wants to wear his now and switch it over to the left hand in September. Shoot, I’m fine with that… anything to tell women he’s off the market, even it’s not on the correct hand.

I’ve spent the past hour cleaning his apartment. We’re learning from premarital counseling that he interprets love through acts of service, which is mainly doing his laundry and cleaning his bachelor apartment. I just wish he wouldn’t give me so many acts to do for service. His scrubs procreate like bunnies.

I met up with my matron of honor, who’s family lives in Olive Branch, to catch a movie in Southaven this afternoon. Like any normal female, I went to the restroom prior to the movie. Someone had propped a track on the toilet paper dispenser, where the title “Do You Know HIM?” faced the toilet. This is not the normal place to find a track, am I right? I don’t know of anyone that has had a spiritual change in the toilet of a Malco Theatre, unless they ate something that disagreed with them. I considered taking a picture of it, then I realized that 1) any picture involving the inside stall of a public restroom is TMI, and 2) the last thing I needed was someone walking in while my camera makes that annoying snapshot noise.

I’m ending the night with popcorn (which I brought from home. I’ve learned to bring my own food to his place unless I am craving three day old Pei Wei or Kahlua) and a crisis of choosing between reruns of Mad Men, Lie to Me, or ER.

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