Refinement Takes Time

When I finished graduate school three years ago, I closed a very, very difficult chapter in my life. I’m thankful that I came out of it with a greater understanding of God and others. I wrote the following list as a way to remind myself that it was all worth it… Each point reminds me of specific situations, and I don’t want to forget what they taught me.

Things I’ve Learned In Grad School
…that have nothing to do with my education

– Listening sometimes speaks truer and deeper than any words.
– God has a sense of humor… and His timing is quite funny. He also has the best sense of irony.
– Cold people warm up to you…eventually. Just be patient and consistent.
– Standing up for what you believe doesn’t always mean using words.
– If you drink a Boost too fast, you can pass out. This excuse for being late to work does not earn anyone’s respect.
– Tylenol PM is my antidrug.
– Heartache is the one unifying bond that brings together all women- no matter their age or experience.
– Rick and Bubba is a surprisingly addictive and enjoyable morning radio show.
– God only gives you grace to handle one day at a time. He doesn’t give you grace to handle what if’s. That’s not our job to worry about it.
– As much as you may hate living somewhere, some things do become endearing. It’s important to focus on those things when you’re in a bad mood.
– Walk softly and carry a big stick (or backpack)- especially late at night on campus.
– Basing your feelings on reality is a nearly impossible task. And learning to distinguish between emotions and reality? Hard!
– There are some things about God that you can only grasp when you have nothing left to hold on to
– Life is full of boring Friday nights.
– People in Mississippi do not know how to use an escalator.
– Everyone is hurting…some just hide it better than others.
– The whole “starving grad student” saying is a lie…I’ve eaten better this year than I have in five years.
– On that same note, you never outgrow childhood favorites… I had a pizza lunchables for lunch the other day. Of course, it was disgusting and didn’t fill me up, but the nostalgia was great.
– Emotions- loneliness, heartbreak, and sadness…they can’t kill you.
– You don’t fully experience something until you experience it’s opposite.
– Baptists have the most amazing sense of redemption… and have faith in miraculous conversions, at least more so than Presbyterians. They also have an affinity for colorful background lighting in their services.
– Apartments do not clean themselves, and trash does not walk itself to the dumpster, unfortunately.


I’ll work on another list as I finish up work and living here…

One comment

  1. Beautiful post, I’m starting the journey in about 4 days.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Especially- “Everyone is hurting…some just hide it better than others.” and “emotions can’t kill you”
    lol @ colorful background lighting- I never noticed.
    I still believe someone should have invented self-cleaning refrigerators by now, though.

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