Tacky Grizzlies

I’ve had the 24/7 Christmas radio station on all day, and I’ve learned two things: 1) there are only 30 Christmas songs in existence, and 2) I still hate Aaron Neville. 

This is the first year I’ve listened to Christmas songs on the radio consistently. I had 4 hours of dental work done about 6 years ago around Christmas time, and the combination of tooth drilling and about 8 different versions of Blue Christmas/Jingle Bell Rock/Grandma Got Shot by a Reindeer (haha I meant to put Ran Over but Shot looks too funny to erase) cured me for awhile.

This one isn’t Christmas themed, but I took it anyway. It’s epic. Someone please throw a party so I can wear this.

We have two tacky Christmas sweater parties this upcoming weekend so I borrowed a couple from my mother-in-law’s closet. The husband assured me that asking her for tacky clothes wouldn’t offend her (“Hey, I need some really really ugly sweaters and I just know you have some laying around”). Ironically, she had about 40. Not kidding. We actually had a great bonding time going through her closet and picking them out. We bonded over a love for hilariously tacky clothes. 

Willis just plopped a nasty gooey piece of rawhide on our printer (it’s at my feet) and pushed one of the buttons with his paw. If it weren’t for the fact that he was chewing a live electrical wire two days ago, I’d give him credit for being really smart and trying to operate the printer.

Last night I met up with my small group, ate Mexican, and went shopping for our Angel Tree child. The small group has been one of the biggest blessings I’ve had since moving to Memphis, and last night gave me some hope that I’ll build the kind of friendship I have in Jackson. 

One of the maintenance men came over today and fixed our gas fireplace and several doors in the apartment. We had a grand old time talking about movies, other residents in the complex, and where to go shopping for groceries. He told me to go to the Kroger in Frayser, which isn’t going to happen. Husband’s grandmother lived in Frayser and mowed her lawn packing a pistol, so I don’t think I’ll be venturing that way any time soon. I love living on Mud Island, but I really dislike being so far away from any type of convenience or grocery store. 

Oh, in reference to my last post, we went to a Grizzlies game and had dinner on Beale Street. I really, really, can’t wait until the Spring when the weather is warmer and we can spend more time downtown. I’ve also decided that I’m going on the hunt for the tackiest Elvis memorabilia since we’re surrounded by souvenir stores. The Fed Ex Forum was having family night, so the basketball game was crawling with munchkins (literally: a father let his 10 month old crawl up the steps to our nose-bleed section seats. Ewh). Down the row from us was a rather vocal 10 year old boy hurling expletives at the Atlanta Hawks, who I’m sure could hear him and had their feelings hurt.

The husband just called- on way home! Looks like he clocked a 14 hour day. Time to finalize dinner…. 🙂


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