West Memphis Wal-Mart and the Oregon Trail

So, first of all, I finished a post 10 seconds ago and accidentally hit Tab and Backspace and it deleted the whole thing.

Dang. It.

The husband just called and wanted to know what’s for dinner. Spaghetti. “And garlic toast?!?!” Yes, and garlic toast. Glad he’s so easy to please.

So cute, yet so…

Willis has not been in my good graces since the soy sauce packet incident (don’t ask) on Sunday and he’s currently in time out on the balcony; I caught him eating some change that felt out of my wallet (11 cents, to be exact). His cries do not affect me, not one bit. He’s managed to chew up several of my wrapped packages under the tree, t00. The worst one is for Hughes, and thankfully he likes Willis so I’ll just  give it to him as is. He got  hold of some fake winterberries and dyed his paws hot pink last week.

Not Again!

Work has  been great. I never quite know what the day will bring… sometimes it’s slow and I get to write in my work blog, and other times I have requests to join the live action Oregon Trail and attack 5th graders, dressed as an Indian (the elementary principal said over the PA that morning “On the Oregon Trail, there will be danger, hardships, and varmints” but he left out the dreaded dyssentery that seemed to kill everyone I had on the trail. BORING).

Most exciting, I have been added to the substitute teachers list. Muwhaha. I’m still thinking through my good cop-bad cop routine but I think I’ll have some time to perfect it before they give me my first class. Given that one of my students immediately said “don’t let them push you around Mrs Reynolds!” when she heard the news, I know I’ll have my work cut out for me.

My family was in town for Thanksgiving. My mother in law loves, loves, loves to cook so she fed us and about 10 other people. Score. She has total job security because I don’t plan on ever learning to cook Thanksgiving meal ever.

That evening, my brother and I drove across the state line (Thanksgiving in Mississippi, resting and football in Tennessee, and shopping in Arkansas. I totally traveled for the holidays) to West Memphis and stood in line for two  hours to get an iPad. I had a wonderful conversation with a 6’4″ man in a plaid shirt and overalls (they still make those?!) and he said last year, at the same WalMart, he saw a woman rip another woman’s shirt off over some towels. The police officers on duty were grouped together playing on their cell phones (really, they were) so I felt perfectly safe. I also had a bonding experience with two other shoppers as we discussed the best place to stand in  line for two hours in the store (we were in sporting goods): it was a tie between electronics department (where we could watch TV) or the furniture department (where we could sit in the chairs).

The wonderful residency schedule has my husband working on Christmas Day, but he’s getting the following two weekends off so we’re planning some fun tourist-y type things to do… you know, stuff normal people get to do on the weekends. So far, a Grizzlies game is set for Saturday and I’m hoping to convince him to take me to Graceland. Elvis and Christmas just go together (what?!).

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  1. YAY! I am so so glad you have a blog!! wait, I was about to say consider me your first follower, but it appears you have had a blog for awhile, so consider me a new follower!!

    and ill go to graceland with you if asa wont!

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