A Weekend In Photos

We had a very, very, rare full weekend off recently.

Tommy Lee Jones is ageless… he has always looked old

I ordered two movies shot in Memphis- The Client and The Firm. Of course, the one I REALLY want to watch (The Firm), is still “en route”. Since December 28th. Le Sigh. Anyways, we watched The Client Friday night and I had alot of fun pointing out all the Memphis landmarks. There’s a specific shot of the ambulance bay and trauma entrance at the Med that we drive by all the time. The Firm’s, um, firm, is located off Front Street in the book, so I’m sure I’ll see more landmarks when that DVD finally gets here.

Our Family

We made a spontaneous trip to Overton’s Dog Bark (get it, Park… Bark? ahaha… yeah) with our friends and their dog, Ruby. Willis was a little overwhelmed with all the dogs running around the enclosed area, so he stayed next to be despite my prodding to “meet some new friends”. It was like having a flashback to church nursery. We took this picture on our walk after playtime, to hopefully shake off the mud he had picked up being so close to the ground (you can’t tell from the picture, but I had two paw prints right above my knees and had mud splattered all over my shirt from an overzealous greyhound). We came across a puddle and got Willis to run through it… and quickly realized it was much, much deeper (try 2 feet deeper) than we originally thought. We now know Willis can swim.

Maple and Bacon Doughnut from Gibson’s

Saturday evening, we met up with some other friends and had dessert at Gibson’s Doughnuts. I adore doughnuts. But I can’t eat them in the morning (ok, I can, but I choose not to), but I particularly love doughnuts at night. They’re cheap, and they make me happy. Gibson’s is famous, so we have to enjoy a Memphis treasure, right? We drove across town and spent an hour catching up with our friends and stuffing our faces. Husband was keen on the Maple and Bacon doughnut… it was disgusting.

Side Note: Ironically, as I was typing, Willis managed to dig the Gibson’s bag out of the trash can. I’ve just returned from cleaning up the mess and delivering an epic whopping.

ImageAnd on Sunday, it rained. It’s been raining consistently for the past four to five days, and we’re starting to see how easily the island was flooded two years ago. I took the above picture from my car before we went to church- the waters rose even higher later that day. It doesn’t look as deep in the picture as it really was- I think that portion of the parking lot was under about 8 inches of water.

The doctor is in

And now, one last picture. All the rain has turned to ice and it’s sinfully cold here. Here is my husband dressed up to take Willis and the trash (one and the same, in my opinion) out. He’s dressed like this to keep warm, but I really think he was just excited to find all his ski gear today.

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