The New Adventures of Old Sarah

If I worked in a professional office, surrounded by adults, and I said that I felt old, I would probably get laughed at. Or at least a scathing look from the nearest middle aged woman. Working with high school students, however, and declaring that sentiment, has garnered a completely different response altogether. I’m working with kids that weren’t old enough to read, let alone go to college, when I was their age. They’ve never seen a video tape, and the only six disc CD changer they’ve encountered was in a car, when they were in elementary school. 

I’m at the age where my freckles are now called dark spots. Where I layer anti-aging products on top of my acne medication. I’ve just now been able to walk in my four inch heels without looking like a newborn fawn, and yet my lower back aches after 2 hours in them. 
– When I refuse to  use “hashtags”. I believe the pound symbol “#” is to be used when checking your voicemail, not as a snarky comment under your instagram pictures. I could write a manifesto on why the hashtag is the downfall of the current narcissistic generation, but I digress. 
– When I look at my students’ birth years and realize that I was old enough to like boys the year they were born.
– When I turn down the radio when I pull into a parking lot so I can “concentrate”.
– When I feel a great sense of accomplishment when my freezer is full of marinading chicken, pork, and ground beef, instead of frozen pizzas.
– When I get annoyed that Scandal comes on so darn late, at 9 pm. 
– When taking risks involve drinking caffeinated iced tea for dinner.
– When I thought YOLO was a new form of frozen yogurt.
– When I realized all the dirty jokes those old men in the Muppets made (ok, that’s from being sheltered, not old).
– When I still don’t understand what all this hype is over kittens. And then realizing that fad is already over. But I’m still wondering. Is it because they jump alot?
Ok, so obviously I’m not getting THAT old. After looking at the list I just wrote, I actually think I’ve become a rather boring person. But I still hate hashtags- I’m not going to take that back. 


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