Cat Pee and Volcanoes

I sprayed Willis with Febreeze today. He may have had a slight sneezing fit following it (oh bite me, PETA) so his olfactory glands are maxed out, but that’s what he gets for rolling in whatever it was. He’s sitting next to me right now and still smells like…it… AND febreeze, so Willis- 1, Sarah- 0.

Those people who say that they sometimes forget their dog isn’t human? I’m not one.

Husband began his trauma ICU rotation again, so he left this morning and I won’t see him until tomorrow when I get home from work. Today’s my day off, and so far I’ve worked out, watched the Bachelor, Downton Abbey, and put 10 of Husband’s med school textbooks on eBay. And perfumed Willis.

The textbooks came from a storage unit we cleaned out several weeks ago. We brought home the books, his high school letterman jackets, some Samford t-shirts from 10 years ago, and a throw blanket with a giant bass on it. At least I think it’s a bass… it’s a fish, and it’s on a blanket, and my husband declared we must keep it.

The last time I bought a textbook on eBay, it was sophomore year of college, for chemistry. My friend and I found a great deal on the book… $15 for a normally $200 book. It arrived and we quickly discovered why it as so cheap… it had a black moldy growth seeping through most of the pages, and we think a cat peed on it, too. Nevertheless, we used it for two semesters and everyone knew when we brought it to class.

The next two days of the week, I have a normal workday and then parent teacher conferences for 5 hours, then a sophomore parent college info session. I’m scheduled to sub for 8th grade earth science (can you say baking soda volcanoes?!), and help out with the When Science Fiction Meets Reality club later this month. I had my first guidance counselor seminar last week in Jackson, where I discovered I was the youngest by about 10 years than anyone else. I’ve also got another one next week in Birmingham with the Southern Baptist counselor association (it’s some insanely long acronym).

I’m meeting with all my juniors and seniors for the next few weeks, too, which has been alot of fun getting to know some of the kids that don’t normally come to the high school office. Those kids- the ones that don’t normally seek us (the staff) out- are my favorite ones to work with. One girl, as she left my office, turned to me and said “You know, Mrs R… this wasn’t that bad. I was really nervous, but this meeting wasn’t as scary as I thought”. Working in admissions, I’ve learned that no matter how quiet or awkward a student may seem, there is ALWAYS something they love to talk about. The moment I find out what it is, and see their face light up, is exactly why I love my job. I’d trade 10 self-adjusted, socially adept students for one misunderstood, awkward one that is able to open up to me about their love of _____. Recently, it’s been trains, organizing closets, and anime, but hey, I’m learning lots of new things!

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  1. You’ve given me a great idea! I have a client who hardly says anything; we just sit and play cards the whole session. I need to find his love so I can get him talking!

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