Renovation Update, Part 4

Short post with mainly pictures, since Gracie enjoys watching the action too much to take a decent nap these days. I have about 99 other things to do in the hour of childless peace I get today.

I’ve taught Gracie to say “excuse me” in an effort to help her learn to stay out of the workers’ way… although she’s taken it to mean a form of greeting, so she’s constantly running up to a painter or carpenter and saying “‘SCUE ME”. Between the workers and the “tradtor” we haven’t much need for the television.

I also have a painter looking through my window at me as I type; they’re taping the windows for the final coat on the trim.

Privacy is a luxury these days, but as an extrovert in a new town, it just gives me more people to talk to. I had a customer service issue this morning and two painters listened patiently to my rant since Husband was in surgery. Last week I had an extended conversation regarding the size of roaches with the plumber.

On to pictures. Taken Sunday, I’m excited to say there’s been some major landscaping progress since then. We have eight piles of sod, stacked taller than me, that are being laid today.



The front is being finished up as I type, and we’re still debating a door color.



Side yard, which has turned out much bigger than I thought it would. We’ll probably end up spending a lot of time in this space.


Bay window contains kitchen table… single pane window is above the kitchen sink.


Back door, window of my laundry room/office, and sun room.



Back yard


Future home of carport and guest quarters, phase 2

(Stack of bricks on far right: landscapers found even MORE bricks. Hoping to use them for part of the brick patio.)


Dining room windows


Closer shot of front porch, with potential door color. The porch will also get resealed in a dark grey.


  1. It all looks great!! So much fun living in construction though!! After re-doing a bathroom and some kitchen work, granddaughter was actually bored with just me everyday when it was finished!! The workman had been her new friends!!!

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