[Insert Princess Bride “Mahwaige” Reference]

So, I got married.

I’m going to wait until I get my pictures back to go into more detail about the day; this is mainly because I don’t remember hardly any of it, and I need the pictures to jog my memory. I would like to say this: whatever brides say “it was the most wonderful day of my life”, I wish they would have given me the name of their dealer so I could have what they smoked on their wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the wedding, and the blur I remember was a beautiful blur, but it was a very emotionally trying day for me.

Moving on- my husband (weeeeiiirrrdddd) surprised me with a honeymoon to Hawaii. Love, love, love. Hawaii has all the appeal of being very, very far away from home, but also with the comforts (like currency, driving on the right side of the road) of being in the US. My father did a lot of mission trips in the Caribbean, and I went to the Grenadines for AIDS prevention work in college, and the poverty there is astounding. Vacationing there, to me, feels like eating a brownie next to starving person. While I’m sure there is plenty of poverty in Hawaii, it’s not as desolate and polarized as in other places.

I’ve had about three weeks to get settled here in Memphis and I’ve spent it being a kept woman. He’s working nights, so I only see him about once a week, and I’m currently jobless (work starts next week!), so I’ve been puttering around our apartment, spending what little money he has, and waiting for him to come home.

Last development: Willis. We got our little bugger the Thursday after we got home from the honeymoon and he’s turned the house upside down.

In a rare moment; if only he spent more time sleeping and less time…destroying.

Our family has always had Welsh Corgis, so I’m thankful to have one of my own now. Willis Eugene (named after his maternal grandfather, at his request) is currently 5 months old and I think is in the dog equivalent of the Terrible Two’s.

I have plenty of stories to tell of his mischief but I’m still pretty angry about most of them and haven’t had enough time to find them funny yet.

Cliff Notes Version: Married. Honeymooned. Settled Settling in Memphis. Got a puppy.

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