This Post Brought to You by the Social Security Hold Line

Prior to beginning work, my highlight of the day for the past three weeks has been checking the mail. I’ve always loved getting mail, but I’m enjoying it even more because now if we get anything, I don’t have to hold my breath to see who it is addressed to; there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a great big box at your front door and then seeing it’s not for you, but for your roommate.

Well, my roommate has given me permission to open his mail (I did ask him first– he looked at me like I was an idiot, but hey, it’s a federal law, and I wasn’t going to take any chances), so ALL of our mail is for ME. Woo hoo. Except his loan letters. Those are for him.

One of the letters I’ve been waiting for is my new social security card. I went on September 25th to get my new name, and the receipt they gave me said to contact them within two weeks if I haven’t gotten it yet. Well, it’s not here. I called them this afternoon and they said I’d need to come back in to process it again. Apparently, they have no way of knowing if my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD is lost in the mail “because it’s not sent from our office, so we have no idea”. Well, gee whiz, it’s nice to know that my identity is floating around somewhere and no one is taking responsibility for it. Sigh.

Since we live downtown, our SS office is off Monroe Ave, so it’s…well, it’s an experience to go there. When I went back in September, the security guard in charge of the lobby broke out into song multiple times and told an older lady, “M’am, you gotta take that hot flash outside. We don’t allow those in here”. I brought my Kindle with me to read in line and the lady behind me asked if I was reading my Bible.

I started work this week. I’m working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I have a day off today. So far, I’ve really enjoyed it– it’s ironic that my first time to be in high school is when I’m 26 (I home schooled). Even though I’m long out of that stage in life, I still find myself desperately hoping the kids will think I’m cool. The first impression I gave didn’t help my case… Before school starts, they lock all of the front doors except for one. I found this out the hard way as I tried every single door until the last one finally opened, much to the amusement of the ten or so high school students sitting in the lobby staring at me as I tried to get in.

I was going to get alot of errands run today but woke up with possibly the worst migraine I have ever, ever had. I had hoped I had kicked them, but this behemoth had me throwing up it was so bad. I texted Asa (he’s working the trauma ICU this rotation) and all I got back was, “awh, i sorry”. Meh. So I called mom and got all the sympathy I needed.

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