Egg Babies and Other High School Things

Considering that I’m still haunted with bad high school experiences, my second go-around has been quite positive. It probably helps that I’m 26 and have my own office and I’m married, but I’m really enjoying my new job. I have instant popularity because I don’t give out grades, tests, or demerits, and I have lots and lots of candy in my office.

Side note: my theory of celebrating candy-themed holidays has been proven once again, when Kroger had 50% all candy on November 1st.

Meet Oliver and Bailey

One of the classes offered at the high school is called “Bachelorette/Bachelor Living” which is a version of home ec. Home ec, for a homeschooler, is making lunch for your family, so I was quite intrigued when one of my students walked into my office last week holding a basket with an egg in it. The big project for the fall semester is requiring all the girls to have an Egg Baby. The principal comes to the classroom dressed in scrubs and “delivers” each baby for the girls… some girls have the blessed surprise of learning they have twins or triplets. The girls pick out a husband from their male classmates (“we don’t have babies out of wedlock here, egg or real”) and the couple cares for their child(ren) for 5 days…. the mother even has to wake up at 2 am several times to email the teacher that she’s awake.

As you can see with Oliver and Bailey above, the girls get really involved with their babies and decorate the baskets, etc (personal favorite: teeny beanie babies… didn’t know those even survived the 90’s). I became the cool teacher when I babysat several eggs while the girls decorated one of the hallways– apparently all the other teachers will swipe unattended egg babies up and the student has points deducted from their grade. Oliver’s mother confided in me that she wasn’t sure what to do with him on Friday- she was going to the Justin Bieber concert and didn’t know what to do with Oliver. “So-and-So has box seats so SHE can bring her egg baby but I just have regular balcony seats and that’s just not the place for Oliver right now”. Very true, I’m sure.

I might have lost some ground with the girls, though, when I asked if they were having scrambled eggs to celebrate the end of their project.

Next semester, the boys will be given flower sack babies… I’m hoping to be present for the births.

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